Here at we're committed to the preservation of Honda ATC70's MiniBikes. and GoKarts!.  We decided a while back when we were restoring our personal toys we needed a source for OEM style decals. Knowing Honda, Wards, Sears and many others quit producing these many years ago we made it our goal to find Vintage 70's , minibikes, and karts to replicate the decals and warning labels in a fashion we could be proud of. We spent days searching to purchase old stock and even the ATC70's themselves! We are sure you will be happy with your purchase from us.
Beware of cheap copies on eBay.. half the cost but also half the quality.. don't believe me? One comparison is listed on the 1973 decal set page here at Look for yourself.. Weak colors and weak adhesive.

Just made up a few of these, put the warning label on your ATC to finally shut up your overly conservative family members!

‚ÄčMeasure 2.5" x 1"... YOU GET 1 DECAL

 $4.00 Free shipping

We are now proud to be offering Reproduction decal kits for Vintage Mini Bikes and McCulloch Kart engines from the '60's and 70's. Just hit the link on the left of the page.

Reproduction decals for Atc70's, Minibikes, McCulloch, West Bend, Margay & Emmick Karts Or custom sets to suit your needs...

Get them while you can! $7.50ea free shipping!

You build a new 70 this year?

Now available! Honda CR series Pro-Link decals Blue on Clear material
Measure 1.8" x 8.5" (clear material border)
$13.99 for TWO decals

Many hours of painstaking work of photographing old tanks, Vectorizing and Digitizing the designs to help ensure a quality product. These decals are Thermally printed just like the originals on White Oracal Automotive grade Vinyl (the industries best) then Laminated for UV and abrasion protection. Except for the 1973 KO decal set which is printed on Clear material (just as original) and also Laminated. All Transparent tank warning labels are not laminated just as the factory originals were.
All we wanted were decal sets for our ATC70's that are no longer produced by Honda ..We do stock or custom sets!

Recently we purchased 2 sets that are offered on eBay, we bought them to see how they were made and why they were 1/2 the cost of ours.. see for yourself..

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