A customer in Oregon Purchased our set after recently purchasing a competitors set on Ebay.. He mailed me their set...you be the judge .... Notice the vibrant colors in our set below, Notice the black outline in the competitors set (top decal in photo)..Our black outline is very uniform... He was happy to find a set that closely resembled the OEM set and was printed on clear hence the Transparent border. Also the recoil decal of theirs is printed on Silver Metallic material not like the OEM decal (and ours) which is printed on Chrome material .. The top restorers in the country demand our decals..  why shouldn't you?


Rear fender decal (only on one fender)


Frame warning labels $25.00

$35.99.... photographed against Blue to better show White outline detail.

1973 Tank Set with warning labels.


Here is the 1973 model stripe kit. it is available seperately or as a kit. We always recommend not mixing our decals kits with other vendors. Our competitors print the tank decals on White stock... we made sure to print ours as they were... on Clear stock. This is only to ensure all pieces and colors match and you end up with a 70 you will be proud of.Type your paragraph here.

An extremely rare OEM tank that was new in the package! That was used in the recreating process

Complete set $65.00